Telugu Film Chamber Of Commerce And MPDA, India Highlight The Negative Effect Of Online Film Piracy At Comic Con 2016

Wednesday, September 28, 2016 5:51:14 PM (IST)   / by  Bollywood Trade Editorial
The Telugu Film Chamber of Commerce (TFCC), Indian Movie Cop and the Motion Picture Dist. Association, India Pvt. Ltd. (MPDA) launched a campaign through Comicorner to raise awareness on the negative impact of online film piracy and its risks to consumers who watch illegitimate content online. Comicorner aims to engage audiences at the two-day event through interactive activities that will include ‘creating your own look as a superhero and an opportunity to create your own comic strip.’

“There is a close link between pirated websites and their operations and the spread of malware, in addition to exposing netizens to identity theft or ransomware. We hope to engage with both comic and movie fans to educate them on the threats on online content theft and the benefit of watching films on legitimate online content platforms,” said Uday Singh, MD, Motion Picture Dist. Association, India Pvt. Ltd.

“The annual Comicorner at Comic Con hosted jointly by the Telugu Film Industry and the MPDA is serving as a great platform to connect and engage with especially the younger generation and to communicate to them the significance of protecting creative content. This outreach initiative is just as important as other aspects like enforcement and policy making. Thanks to the visionary support of the Government of Telangana, Hyderabad is home for TIPCU (Telangana Intellectual Property Crime Unit) and Hyderabad has also been home for Comicorner since the last three years. Together these initiatives illustrate the commitment of the Industry, Government and Movie lovers to promote creativity across the board,” said Rajkumar Akella, Honorary Chairman - Anti Video Piracy Cell, TFCC.
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